Sonkit Industry Technology Co.,Ltd is a privately owned metal seal manufacturer founded in Shanghai in 2010. We specialize in high performance metal seal rings, which we research, develop and manufacture to withstand critical environments, such as cryogenic temperatures (-270℃) and extremely low  (vacuum) pressures.
Our products include:

Through effort and ingenuity, Sonkit stands out and grows as a qualified metal seal supplier of mission-critical components for domestic and international customers. So far, Sonkit has provided solutions to over 2000 customer worldwide including Fortune 500 companies and our products have been unanimously recognized and praised.
Since 2010, we have been selling imported sealing rings. At the same time, we independently researched and developed automated welding devices, tailor-made heat treatment equipment, and created Sonkit’s unique weld-free thermoforming technology.
In 2018, we customized our high-end heat treatment equipment to tackle heat treatment problems in metal seal. Some of our innovations include out automated welding process, tailor made heat treatment, and seamless metal C-ring welding. 

At Sonkit, we strictly implement the ISO9001-2015 quality management system, and by implementing humanization and institutional management concepts, we make the quality of SONKIT metal seals can be fully controlled and traceable. 

The factory of Sonkit Industry is located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park. Sonkit has a high-standard office and production environment; more than 80% of the processing and inspection equipment has achieved digital and intelligent control technology, especially in mass manufacturing and quality control, which has a leading advantage in the same industry.

Sonkit metal seal rings are widely used in nuclear power, nuclear equipment, military industry, mold hot runners, high temperature sensors, chemicals, chemical fibers, semiconductor vacuum equipment, gas turbines, and pressure pipeline equipment, etc. 

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