Sonkit Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a privately owned metal seal manufacturer founded in Shanghai in 2010.  We specialize in high performance metal seal rings, which we research, develop and manufacture to withstand critical environments, such as cryogenic temperatures (-270℃) and extremely low  (vacuum) pressures.
In 2018, we have developed automatic welding process, tailor-made heat treatment equipment, precise and reliable testing technology, and strict implementation of ISO9001-2015, quality management system, made the quality of SONKIT® metal seal ring fully controllable and Traceability.
The factory locates in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, has a clean and tidy office and production environment. More than 80% of the equipment has implemented digital and intelligent control technology. With the automated forming and welding equipment we developed, our current capacity is: 1000 pieces/8H.

Sonkit Metal Seal
So far, our products include:
Our products are mainly used in nuclear power, military industry, mold hot runners, high temperature sensors, chemical fibers, semiconductor vacuum equipment, internal combustion engines, and pressure pipelines at home and abroad.
Looking forward to the future, we strive to match the research and development capabilities of international Top brands. We will do a good job and make special metal seals with the quality of craftsmen; the factory will strive for the goal of digitalization, modernization, and unmanned.
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