Considerations You Should Make When Selecting Metal Seals

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Metal Seal Selection

The selection of the most suitable metal seal is a necessary step for ensuring quality and performance under an assortment of different conditions. For any service condition, there's often a delicate balance between load and spring back of the seal. An increase in the load the seal is compressed increases the seal tightness, The springy nature of the seal will also determine how well the tightness is retained, with varying temperatures and pressures.

For a given metal seal cross-section and seal type, it is generally true that with maximum load the spring back is lowest. In general, a seal with the lowest load generated will have the highest spring back.

But there are other factors which affect the performance of a metal seal. These include, for example, the type of flanges and fittings, pressure and temperature cycles, bolt grade, bolt tension and the method to stress the bolts.

Trying to find the right metal seal for your tough application? Download the Metal Seal Design Guide! PDF to learn about considerations, design principles, and applications.

Sonkit Industry is a privately-owned metal seal manufacturer founded in Shanghai in 2010. Since 2012, Sonkit specializes in metal seals. Sonkit develops and manufactures all kinds of high-performance metal seals, which work in extreme conditions, like high temperatures, high pressures, corrosion medium, or combinations.

Our products include:

· Metal O Ring (Standard, Balanced, Spring Energized, Gas Energized)

· Metal C Ring (Standard, Spring Energized)

· Metal V Ring

· Metal W Ring/E Ring

· Metal Comma Ring (Standard, Spring Energized)

Applications include but are not limited to: Aerospace; Semiconductor; Cryogenic; Engines; Nuclear instruments; Heat exchangers; Reactors; Hot Runners; Oil & Gas; Flowmeters; Chemical fibers; Food & medicine equipment etc.

Sonkit's been in the metal seal business for 10+ years and is proud to announce that we have become a premier manufacturer of metallic seals. In addition to high quality, our products are delivered fast and at competitive prices. We are serving customers from all kinds of industries, include Global Fortune 500 Companies.



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