Metal V-Ring

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> Applications:
  Applications with high pressure and needs high springback.
  • Working temperature

    Cryogenic to 1350°F (732°C)

  • Working Pressure

    Vacuum (1E-torr) to 250MPa

  • Suitable medium

    Oil, water, gas, etc.

  • Leak Rate

    1E-8 sccs He/mm circ.

  • Conventional Material

    Inconel 718, 750, 321, 316


Features & Benifits

Metal V-ring is based on a metallic "V" substrate, designed to be applied in extreme working conditions. Metal V-Rings for internal Pressure or external Pressure are system pressure energized, they require low bolting load and have good spring back. Due to its special structure and material, Metal V-rings can be used in working conditions such as high temperature (up to 750°C), cryogenic (low to -270°C), high pressure (up to 1500kgf/cm2), high vacuum (up to 1E-9 mmHg) and other extreme working conditions of static sealing. Sonkit Metal V-Ring are designed to combine the advantages of compactness, lowest leakage rates, high pressure capability, and high springback. 

Operating Conditions:

  • •  Work pressure range: .Vacuum (1E-torr) to 250Mpapsi
  • •  Temperature range: Cryogenic to 1350°F (732°C)
  • •  Typical leakage rate: 1E-10 sccs He/mm circ.
Metallic Material Options:
    • Alloy 718    • Alloy X-750    • 316 SS     • 321 SS     • Waspaloy
Plating/Coating Options:
    • Silver     • Nickel     • Gold     • Stannum    • Copper    • PTFE



Application Characteristics

1: Metal V-Ring are designed to combine the advantages of compactness, lowest leakage rates, high pressure capability, and high springback.
2: Good sealing performance with :
• High temperature resistance
• High pressure resistance
• Wear resistance
• Corrosion resistance


Sonkit Is Your Sealing Design Facilitator

Sonkit specializes in metallic seals, Currently we are serving customers from all kinds industries, include Global Fortune 500 Companies.
You can benefit from Sonkit via:
• Experienced research and technical support team
• Stable and reliable electroplating process
• Customized heating process with high reliablity
• In-house test labs for high quality control
• Quick Response Time
• Close co-operation with renowned universities and Research Institute
• Experience cooperating with Top500 Enterprise worldwide

To Ensure you get the high quality products, we provide:

• 100% strength test for weldment
• Provide weld pass inspection report as required
• Helium leak detection report
• Static Pressure test to 100Mpa
• Coating thickness detection
• Digital size inspection and special measuring tool inspection capabilities

Purchasing Inqueries, we provide Quotation in 24 hours.

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