Understand the Forming Method and Selection Factors of Cylinder Sealing Ring

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Most sealing rings are round and cylinder sealing rings are no exception. And they are often used in large mechanical equipment. You should check out what requirements there are for the selection of cylinder seals before picking one. This article will take you through the forming methods of cylinder seal rings and the factors of selecting cylinder seal rings.

  • Cylinder sealing ring forming method

1. Molding method
(1) Commonly used molding methods are used to manufacture some complex rubber products such as cups and sealing rings, and the rubber is placed in the mold for heating with the help of the formed female and male molds.
(2) This is a relatively "old" method, so it has certain shortcomings. For example, because the method of weighing the rubber in advance will cause a lot of waste and the duration of the vulcanization cycle is very long, it is slowly The rubber injection method has been replaced.
2. Rubber injection molding method
(1) It is the most commonly used method at present. The general process is that the preheated rubber is injected into the mold through an injection molding machine, and then vulcanized. This method has short vulcanization cycle, less flash and production High efficiency characteristics, used for more complex rubber products, such as tire treads, rubber tubes, metal wire surface coatings need to be manufactured by injection molding methods.
(2) The rubber material must be preheated before extrusion to make the rubber material soft and easy to extrude, so as to obtain rubber products with smooth surface and accurate size.
3. Calendering method
Suitable for manufacturing simple sheet and plate products. It is a method of pressing the rubber compound into a film with a certain thickness and a width through a calender, called calendering.
  • Selection factors of cylinder sealing ring

1. According to the operating pressure and structure of the mechanical seal
The level of pressure, the length of the pressure cycle change, and the damage to the seal ring. The higher the pressure, the greater the impact of other factors on the performance of the seal, such as temperature, speed, the material of the seal, and the difference between the piston and the cylinder. Clearance, the gap between the piston and the cylinder head.
2. According to the temperature and the nature of the fluid
It is more difficult to describe the higher use temperature and lower use temperature of a seal material, because this is the result of a series of factors. The working temperature of the piston and the piston rod are different, and they should be selected differently.
3. Friction according to working conditions
The friction between the sealing ring and the sealing surface depends on many factors: surface roughness, surface characteristics, pressure, medium, temperature, sealing ring material, sealing ring type and moving speed.
4. According to the internal space of the machine
As for how to choose the cylinder sealing ring, the editor has introduced this. Usually when we buy it, we can look at the characteristics of the cylinder piston and piston rod surface. They have a great influence on the life of the seal. The surface performance parameters should be measured according to the actual situation, because even under the same roughness, different surface shape characteristics can lead to different degrees of seal ring wear on the seal.

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